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What's Inside the Traffic Secrets Accelerator

Below you'll find the entire course curriculum

  • 1
    Week 1
    • Intro to the Course
    • The Power of Storytelling
    • A Creative Mindset
    • 4 Hacks to Get Into a Creative Mindset
    • Content Marketing is the Secret Hack to Play with the Big Guns
    • Content Marketing Framework Infographic
    • Viral 101
    • The Three Principles of Virality
    • The Three Principles of Virality in Practice
    • The Psychology of the Click
    • Psychology of the Click Part 2: In Practice
    • Virality in Practice Download
    • Persona and Customer Avatar
    • Persona Worksheet
    • Creating Your Brand Story
    • Brand Story Worksheet
    • 🚨COMPLETE BEFORE MOVING ON - Week 1 Challenge! Persona and Brand Story
  • 2
    Week 2
    • Use Emotion to Drive Loyalty and Purchases
    • The Emotion Guide
    • Brand Emotion Examples
    • Story Arcs
    • Story Arc Download
    • Finding Your Unique Storytelling Voice and Language
    • How to Get Emotional Stories from Your Customers
    • How to Get Emotional Stories from Your Customers Part 2: In Practice
    • Interview Questions That Get Emotional Responses
    • Add Emotion To Your Brand Story
    • The Art of the Peel
    • Choosing Stories Based on Keywords
    • Newsjacking
    • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
    • How to Write a Great Headline
    • 🚨COMPLETE BEFORE MOVING ON - Emotional Storytelling Challenge
  • 3
    Week 3: Crushing Blogs and SEO
    • Blog Story Structure
    • Word Choice in Blogs
    • Images and Infographics in Blogs
    • SEO Blog Format
    • Blog Format Infographic
    • Local Keyword Research
    • Meta Data, Alt Text & More
    • Using Links to Rank
    • Links PDF Slides
    • Scoping Out the Competition
    • Yoast on Wordpress
    • Structured Data Markup
    • Blog SEO Checklist
    • Google Search Console and Sitemaps
    • Robots.txt & "NoFollow" Links
    • SEO Troubleshooting
    • Contests and Lead Magnets
    • 🚨COMPLETE BEFORE MOVING ON - Blog Challenge
  • 4
    Week 4: Viral Video
    • How to Choose Video Topics
    • Video Story Structure
    • How to Write Video Scripts
    • Video Script Template
    • How to Shoot Quality Videos with an iPhone
    • Where to Find Video Assets
    • Video Assets Cheat Sheet
    • BONUS: Matt's Basement Video Studio!
    • We Make a Video
    • 🚨COMPLETE BEFORE MOVING ON - Video Challenge
  • 5
    Week 5: Leveraging Social Media for Virality
    • Crushing Facebook
    • Crushing Instagram
    • Crushing Twitter
    • Crushing Pinterest
    • Pinterest Walkthrough
    • Pinterest Checklist
    • How To Hide Pins Download
    • Crushing LinkedIn
    • User Generated Content
    • Social Media Narratives
    • Social Media Narrative Worksheet
    • 🚨COMPLETE BEFORE MOVING ON - Social Media Storytelling Challenge
  • 6
    Week 6: Distribution Beyond Social
    • Crushing Email Marketing
    • Types of Email Sequences
    • Types of Email Sequences PDF Slides
    • The Art of the Email
    • Sample Emails [COMING SOON]
    • Backlinks and Outreach [COMING SOON]
    • Backlink Strategy Guide
    • Viral Content Outreach
    • Media Lists and Media Outreach
  • 7
    What's Next?
    • What to do with all this knowledge? [COMING SOON]
    • Sample Content Calendar [COMING SOON]
    • Measuring the Results [COMING SOON]

"Trust me, I have had a lot of courses. Some are good ... but Matt and Jamie provide gold nuggets in each video, that the other courses are not able to provide during the whole program. They teach from experience, they know what they are talking about! Each video has something you can actually apply and make your business work"

Lucia Suarez

"Recognizing the stories that connect with digital audiences and packaging them accordingly is an art form he understands intuitively."


"Matt's knowledge is superb and brainstorming on content is a blast. Having worked with Matt, he has helped us to better understand how to create high value content to crush our client goals this year as well as help us develop an excellent framework to work with."

- Russel Masters, Creatively Disruptive

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